Made in America…Keeping America Strong and Healthy

Would you like to help keep America strong and healthy? Would you like to help create over a million new jobs?

It’s not as impossible as it sounds.

It’s a fact that if we all purchase just 5% MORE American-made products, we will help create ONE MILLION NEW JOBS.Yes, that’s right. Just 5% MORE!

Made in America is not just an empty slogan. It’s a way to keep America strong and healthy. To learn more about what Made in America really means, take a look at this short video. We guarantee that it’s a real eye opener.

ATD-AMERICAN is committed to America. As a part of that committment, we are making every effort to partner with vendors whose products are Made in America.

Our featured Made in America vendor today is High Point Furniture Industries (HPFI).

HPFI is a Veteran-Owned Small Business with two manufacturing facilities in High Point, NC, the furniture capital of the world. One facility is dedicated to the production of premier laminate casegoods and the other produces the finest reception seating Made in America!  HPFI also manufactures outstanding healthcare seating and recliners.


Exercise your buying power and start creating one million new jobs! Check out these great HPFI Made in America products.



High Point Bedford Traditional
High Point Bedford Traditional

High Point Bravo Panel End




High Point Elevation
High Point Elevation








HPFI also offers a wide range of Made in America reception and lounge seating in styles to suit any decor, from traditional to contemporary. Click here to view selections from our most popular collections.

HPFI Reception and Lounge Seating


Charterman…the Sequel!

Look up in the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No Its Charterman!

Product specification faster than a speeding bullet! The power to to support the teaching styles and technology in your learning environment! Able to furnish entire buildings with a single purchase order!

Who disguised as a mild-mannered salesperson fights the unending battle to save you money the ATD-AMERICAN way on school furniture for your charter school.


It’s Their School…and the Kids Have Something to Say!


Kids know exactly what they like and what they want. Any parent whose child is a picky eater can tell you that.

So can Wal-Mart, who created it’s “hot toy” list for the 2013 holiday season with the help of about 1000 real experts… kids.

But who asks children about the single thing that may have the greatest impact on their future…their education? Who asks them what they like or don’t like about school and what they really want to learn?

For ways to give children a voice in their own education, check out this article, “Listen Up: The Kids Have Something to Say” from

HON® SmartLink®…The Learning Environment Educators Wanted!

It started with a question. The HON Company asked teachers, principals and superintendents what they wanted from classroom furniture.

The answers:  It has to be durable. It has to adapt to all grade levels. It has to adapt to all grade levels and ways of learning. It has to help educators stay organized. And it has to work with new technology.

The result: The SmartLink® Education System - a total classroom furniture system that supports an array of learning and teaching styles.

__SCH598_previewThe perfect learning environment stars with flexibility. SmartLink offers everything schools need to create ideal learning environments for students of all ages.


Promote Your learning Environment to a Higher Grade with SmartLink!

SmartLink School Chairs help students stay comfortable and focused. Their contoured geometry supports the way students move, allowing them to turn around, side sideways and lean back as their needs change.

SmartLink Student Desks easily accommodate any teaching style or learning activity. The innovative non-handed design allows them to be arranged into individual, collaborative or teacher-centered configurations for different grade levels and activities.

__SCH599_previewSmartLink Teacher Stations let you create a powerful command center that makes it easy to add innovation and inspiration to your lesson plans.

SmartLink Storage Cabinets make it easy to organize a variety of teaching supplies. Interchangeable shelves and tray make it easy to organize and re-organize as needs change.

SmartLink Wall Rail System is a communication center for your learning environment. Multiple sliding whiteboards deliver extra writing and display area without taking up extra wall space.

 For a unique perspective on the advantages of HON SmartLink in the classroom, check out “From Smashed Fingers to SmartLink: The Evolution of Classroom Furniture”

Community Partnerships for the Digital Learning Revolution

Digital learning is a crucial part of the education process as schools prepare students for “real world” experiences and future careers.

As schools evolve into technology-intensive learning environments, much emphasis is placed on the responsibility of educators in preparing students for their future. And while it is true that digital learning begins in the classroom, community and family partnerships are essential elements in expanding digital learning beyond the classroom and helping to connect students to their interests, aspirations and careers.

The article below outlines four key ways in which community organizations, families and schools can work together to ensure that digital learning boosts engagement and learning for all students.

Community Partnerships for the Digital Learning Revolution

I wasn’t surprised to learn that my hometown of Huntsville, Alabama –The Rocket City – has launched one of the largest school district transitions to digital learning in the nation. I recently visited Huntsville to learn from their experience, and my conversations there reinforced for me that community and family partnerships are essential for the success of digital learning. We have unprecedented investment in education technology, but we don’t yet have the corresponding developments in partnerships to help transitions to digital learning succeed.

Boy with tablet device

Community partnerships are key to realizing a digital learning revolution that is more than trading textbooks for tablets. This is an inflection point in education – a critical opportunity to transform how schools, parents, and community-based organizations collaborate to ignite student curiosity and engagement in learning.

Community and family partnerships can also reduce the possibility that digital learning transitions will exacerbate achievement gaps. Students that face the greatest challenges in and outside school need comprehensive supports to evolve so that digital learning doesn’t further disadvantage them.

Our community organizations, including faith-based organizations, have tremendous opportunities to support and shape the digital learning transition through four key areas of collaboration:

    • Expanding access and digital literacy;
    • Bridging between schools, families, and communities;
    • Service and volunteering in education; and
    • Creating new avenues for anytime-anywhere learning.

Expanding access and digital literacy.

Many students don’t have access outside school to computers, broadband connections, and basic technical support. The Obama Administration is working with a public-private partnership called Connect2Compete to expand low-cost internet, computers, and digital literacy instruction to low-income families.  Connect2Compete is building a network of local community partners, and community organizations can go here to learn more and link up with their efforts.

Bridging between schools, families, and communities.

Community and faith organizations can bridge the gap between home and school with their strong connections to families. Internet-based student data and learning management systems can improve collaboration between teachers, families, and community partners. Community-based organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri, a Together for Tomorrow challenge winner, are using joint data systems with schools to focus student support services where they have the greatest impact.

A new report from the Department on Expanding Evidence Approaches for Learning in a Digital World, highlights the need for more efforts that connect community partners with school data systems. The report emphasizes that “young people learn and develop in a wide range of settings,” and we need to better use data “to support the full range of student needs and interests—both inside and outside schools and classrooms—to improve learning outcomes.”

Service and volunteering in education.

Digital learning systems are making it possible for partners to assist students using lessons developed by educators that are aligned with the school curriculum. This is expanding the range of volunteers that are confident and effective at assisting students inside and outside the classroom. Service and volunteer partners can also advance student learning through digital tools such as remote connections into classrooms, Open Education Resources, and internet-connected real-world experiences.

Digital partnerships aren’t limited to academic assistance, and can boost other key student outcomes.  iMentor is using digital learning to improve student behavior and increase college access. Their internet-based systems help train and support adult volunteers, who mentor students both virtually and in-person.

Creating new avenues for anytime-anywhere learning

Digital learning partnerships can help community-based organizations transform American education by expanding learning beyond the classroom. “Anytime-anywhere learning” is a key goal in our education technology plan and schools can’t accomplish this goal alone. Schools can partner with community-based initiatives like the HIVE Learning Networks that use new technologies and media to better connect students to their interests, aspirations, communities, and careers.

Community partners are using digital badges to change how and where students earn academic credit. For example, the Providence After School Alliance is developing digital badges as a central component of their credit-bearing afterschool and internship programs.

Getting started with digital learning partnerships.

The Department is participating in Digital Learning Day on February 6. Community organizations can learn more and jumpstart their digital learning partnerships at

There are valuable information resources at our Office of Education Technology web page and Epic-ed, our initiative to support digital learning transitions. If you are already part of a digital learning partnership, share your examples on our Facebook page at

The guidebooks on community partnerships and digital learning are yet to be written, so it is vital that community partners, families, schools, and education technology initiatives work together to develop their pathways to digital learning partnerships. Together we can ensure that digital learning boosts engagement and learning for all of our students. Education technology can help us create a community culture of education success, where everyone sees education as his or her responsibility, and there are clear and compelling pathways to assist.

Michael Robbins is senior advisor for nonprofit partnerships at the U.S. Department of Education



Great News for NVOAD Members…You Can Now Make Purchases on GSA Contract!

PrintIf you are a member of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in  Disaster (NVOAD), ATD has great news for you!


ATD-AMERICAN is pleased to announce that we have received authorization from the GSA to sell products to members of NVOAD through our Federal Supply Schedules (FSS) contracts.

This authorization allows NVOAD members immediate access to all GSA Federal Supply Schedules when they are purchasing in furtherance of purposes of emergency preparedness and disaster relief.

The GSA plays a critical role in providing disaster recovery products and services to federal, state and local government agencies. Now NVOAD members can also benefit from the speed and savings of GSA Federal Supply Schedules when buying products to facilitate recovery from major disaster or to facilitate disaster preparation and response.

“This is great news,” said Yvonne Zaslow, Executive Vice-President of ATD-AMERICAN. “In times of crisis, speed is of the essence. ATD prides itself on our proven ability to deliver outstanding products and services as well as on-time delivery. We look forward to partnering with members of the NVOAD in their disaster relief efforts.

LOG405ATD-AMERICAN is a GSA Authorized Federal Supply Service Contract Holder. We represent over 50 quality furniture manufacturers under GSA contract.

We invite you, as a member of NVOAD, to experience ATD’s exceptional service.

ATD-AMERICAN GSA Office Furniture & Supplies Catalog (view online)



DC, MD, Northern VA -
Yvonne Zaslow, 301-838-0323

All Other Areas -
Bill McDonough,
800-523-2300, ext. 2278

Never Fear! CHARTERMAN is here!

 Tight budget? No time to research and buy school furniture for your charter school?

Charterman to the rescue!




Click here to view our Charter Schools Catalog


Something to Crow About! ATD Among the Top 100 Women-Owned Businesses in Philadelphia!

PBJ Top 100 logoATD-AMERICAN is proud to announce that in a recent survey conducted by the Philadelphia Business Journal, ATD is ranked 14th among women-owned businesses in the Philadelphia area.

 This survey, published in the July 19, 2013, issue of Philadelphia Business Journal, ranks women-owned business based on the number of local employees.

PBJ WOSB RankPBJ Five OldestIn the same survey, ATD is also ranked 4th among the five oldest women-owned companies in the Philadelphia area,

In 1931, Irving Zaslow founded Jaffe’s Art Linens, a Philadelphia retail store that has grown into ATD-AMERICAN. For the past 82 years, ATD has been continuously owned and operated by the Zaslow family.  Over its long history, ATD have grown into a national and international distributor of furniture and other products for government, business, education and religious organizations.

Currently, nine members of the Zaslow family – including six women – are part of the ATD management team. ATD meets the guidelines of the U. S. Small Business Administration’s Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program.

Women business owners surveyed by the Philadelphia Business Journal were asked to put their own spin on Margaret Thatcher’s quote: “In politics, if you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.”

Yvonne Zaslow

Yvonne Zaslow

In response to this, Yvonne Zaslow, Executive Vice-President and co-owner of ATD-AMERICAN, points out that Margaret Thatcher also once said, “It may be the cock that crows, but it is the hen that lays the eggs.”

“Not only does she lay the eggs,” Ms. Zaslow added, “She also hatches them. And if she wants to crow about it a little…well, there’s nothing wrong with that.”