ATD Brings Strategic Furniture Solutions to EACUBO!

EACUBO logoATD helps higher education facilities stay ahead of the curve with high-impact, flexible learning environments that don’t break your budget.

ATD-AMERICAN has been a national resource of furnishings for educational facilities since 1931. We recognize the impact that well designed and outfitted spaces have on student success rates.

Stop by ATD’s Booth #219 at the EACUBO Annual Meeting, meet with one of our experts and discover new ideas and practical solutions that will inspire excellence and success at your facility.

We’ll see you at the show! Be sure to drop your card for a chance to win an ergonomic desk chair.

Shattering the Myth








ATD Brings the 21st Century Classroom to NESA!

IstanbulFLC_int_banner Come visit with ATD at the NESA Fall Leadership Conference in Istanbul.

Timothy Voit

Timothy Voit

Timothy Voit, ATD’s International Division Director, will be presenting our 21st Century Classroom concepts plus a variety of laboratory, library and preschool furniture. Whether you need to furnish classrooms, labs, libraries, offices, cafeterias or common areas, Timothy can show you how ATD creates dynamic educational environments that maximize student learning and achievement.


If you wish to set up an appointment with Timothy, please contact him by email at or call him at 1-215-576-1000, ext 2336


ATD is the leading North American supplier of educational furniture to International Schools. We have furnished schools in over 80 countries and are keenly aware of your needs.

spaceplanning2014ATD’s space planners and sales specialists stand ready to work with you to find the best product and design mix suited to your situation. We specialize in creating the best environments no matter what the budget allows.

FLC_Istanbul We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul!

Have a Ball with Zenergy and Runtz!

CHO3251_1mIt’s father was an office chair, it’s mother was an exercise ball.

It’s name is Zenergy™

Enlighten any environment with Zenergy’s fun and spunky attitude. Designed with a 17-1⁄2″ anti-burst exercise ball, Zenergy puts a little zip in your sit by providing movement that not only helps you sit comfortably, but also helps you concentrate and supports better posture and balance.

Exercise ball chairs are not just for adults.

Meet Zenergy’s little brother, Runtz™.4750-4755_glm_hr

Runtz is the answer for children’s seating anywhere there’s a wiggle and giggle. Perfect for waiting areas, schools, daycares, lobbies or any space where smaller-sized guests might be hiding, or seeking. Runtz will put a little bounce in how every child sits.

ATD Will Be Shattering a Myth at the PAIS Conference!

ATD Shatters the Myth

Why Learning Space Matters

What should schools look like? It sounds like a simple question with a simple answer.

Everyone has been to school and everyone has a mental image of what a school should look like. Or, rather, what it looked like when they went to school ten years ago…or twenty or thirty or…well, you get the idea.

According to a recent article, “Why Learning Space Matters”, the average American school is over half a century old. And while teaching methods and technology have changed, our physical learning spaces have stagnated.

And why does learning space matter? According the author, the aesthetics of learning spaces influence how students feel when they’re in school – as well as how they feel about their school.



So…what should schools look like? Check out Why Learning Space Matters and envision “what a school could be, as opposed to what it has always been.”



If you have a vision of what your school could be, put our experts at ATDesign to work for you. IT’S FREE AND EASY. Call us at 888.283.7246 or e-mail

Lower your buying costs and get more for your money. Add ATD-AMERICAN to your bid list. Call us at 866-283-9327 or email

Get Off Your Seat and On Your Feet!

Most people believe that sitting is relaxing. How many times have you heard “Sit down and take a load off your feet”? Or, “Sit back and relax”? But if you spend a lot of hours in your office chair, you know what sitting for long periods of time is anything but relaxing. In fact, it’s hard …hard on your back, hard on your neck and, by the end of a long day, hard on just about every part of your body.

Sitting for six to eight hours a day isn’t ideal, but standing all day can be hard on you as well, so what’s the answer?

Studies show that introducing movement into your daily work routine and alternating positions throughout your day to include both sitting and standing improves productivity and posture. It can also relieve back pain and improve energy levels.

Sit Less! Stand More! Be Up-Rite!

The Up-Rite Desk-Mounted Sit-to-Stand Workstation instantly transforms your desk into an ergonomic workspace, allowing you to sit or stand throughout the day. With Up-Rite, you’ll change more than just your position…you’ll change the way you work!



Celebrate “National Love Your Files Week”, September 15-19

An Ode to My File Cabinet

LadywithFilesI think that I shall never see
A file cabinet lovely as thee.

A cabinet that overflows
With this and that and heaven knows.

Back and forth I go all day
To find the files I need I pray.

Things that yesterday I swear
I saw in folders filed there.

Within your drawers so much is filed
But I guess it’s better than being piled.

A mess is made by fools like me
And organized by such as thee.

fondoffiles - Copy


ATD Tells Its Own Tale of the South Pacific

TakasI don’t know about you, but I know what I think of when I imagine a perfect day on some tropical island in the South Pacific.

Sun…sand…swaying palm trees, salty sea breezes. Ahhh…paradise!

Paradise for people, yes. For school furniture…well, that’s another story. Case in point: The Ministry of Education in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

MarshallIslandsMapFor the past nine years ATD has been a supplier of classroom furniture to the Ministry of Education in the Marshall Islands. This relationship started when ATD was called upon to provide a solution to a unique problem.

The problem…it’s the climate. Here’s a description from the website of the Embassy of the Republic of the Marshall Islands in Washington, D.C.

Hot and humid, with cooling trade winds and, in the southern atolls, frequent rain; average daily temperature is approximately 81 degrees Fahrenheit; wet season from May to November.

The primary schools of the Marshall Islands are not air conditioned and any metal, laminate or plastic classroom furniture quickly degrades in the saline, humid environment of the South Pacific. After receiving poor quality furniture from China that rapidly deteriorated, the Ministry of Education sought another solution for furnishing its classrooms.

ATD’s solution was to partner with factories in Georgia, Indiana and California to design and manufacture a line of custom-built line all-wood school furniture perfectly suited to endure the unique demands and conditions of the South Pacific.

This year, ATD is providing this all-wood classroom furniture to the new elementary school on Jaluit Atoll, one of the southern atolls in the Marshall Islands (and, yes, one of those atolls subject to frequent rain).

“We are proud that the Jaluit Atoll Elementary School is the 16th school that we have furnished in the Marshall Islands,” said Tim Voit, International Sales Manager of ATD-AMERICAN. “We hope the students and teachers enjoy their new school and their new classrooms. All of us at ATD want to say Kommol tata and thank you very much for letting us serve you. We look forward to a continued partnership with our friends in the Marshall Islands.”


Seven Tips for New Teachers

First Day of School - Copy

I don’t know who said this. Maybe it was a student, anticipating (or dreading) the first day of school.

Or, on second thought, maybe it was a brand new teacher.

If you’re a new teacher and you find yourself simultaneously anticipating and dreading your first day in the classroom, you’re probably not alone.

Most teachers find their first year a stressful time as they learn the skills and “tricks of the trade” that generations of teachers before them learned the hard way.

To make your first day in the classroom (and every day after that) a little easier, check out this article, “Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Seven Tips for New Elementary Teachers to Save Time, Energy and Tears” from