ATD-AMERICAN Salutes America’s Charter Schools

President Obama has declared this week (May 4-10) National Charter Schools Week.

ATD-AMERICAN joins President Obama in paying tribute to America’s charter schools, teachers and administrators and saluting the role they play in advancing opportunity for our children.

Presidential Proclamation — National Charter Schools Week, 2014

The Early Bird Gets Their School Furniture ON TIME!

Early Bird logoSummer is the busy season for education projects and demand increases as the last day of school approaches.

ATD is ready to receive purchase orders for all of your education projects for the 2014/2015 school year. By submitting your purchase orders now, you’ll beat the end-of-school-year rush and avoid problems that can arise with last-minute orders.

If your project doesn’t requre delivery until late in the summer…no problem! Just provide your required delivery date when you submit your purchase order and we’ll handle all of the details. Remember, we’re here to make your buying experience easy and stress-free.

If you need another reason to order now, check out ATD’s special “Buy Now – Pay Later” financing offer and see why it pays to be an Early Bird.

Copy of Early Bird Ordering Incentive

Contact an ATD Sales Consultant for your personal quote and get things started today!



Click here to view our new 2014 Education Furniture Buying Guide.

School Furniture


Give Nature a Second Chance…Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 and every day throughout the year with earth-friendly habits. Here are a few small changes you can make that will protect the environment, conserve precious natural resources and give nature a second chance.


  • Use only the water you need and reuse as much as possible.
  • Use a rain barrel to collect rainwater for watering your garden.
  • Help keep water clean by using biodegradable eco-friendly cleaning products.


  • Walk, jog, ride a bike or take public transportation to help reduce vehicle emissions.
  • Make sure the air is healthy in your office, school or home. Learn about indoor air pollutants.
  • Plant a tree. Or plant many trees!


  • Use pesticides safely! Reduce or eliminate their use if possible.
  • Try out composting.
  • Learn about “Greenscaping”. Use it at home and encourage it in your community.


  • When running errands, plan your trip to reduce driving time and mileage and save on gas.
  • Save energy at home and at the office. Replace light switches with timers in rooms such as closets and bathrooms.
  • Turn off and unplug appliances and electronics that are not in use. Don’t forget battery chargers.


  • Recycle metals, plastics and paper. “E-cycle” electronic waste such as computers and other gadgets.
  • When purchasing items, look for products made from sustainable, recycled and reused resources.
  • Cut back on the amount of “stuff” that could end up as waste. Print double-sided or don’t print at all – keep your documents electronically.


Buying on a Budget…The ATD Value Proposition for Educators

As schools struggle to meet their needs for classroom furniture despite decreasing budgets, ATD-AMERICAN brings the most essential and economical school furniture to school administrators, making it possible them to furnish their classrooms without wasting money or time.

Regardless of the size of the your school or budget, from pre-school to high school, private school to charter school, community college to university, ATD has the products you need and purchase most frequently.

We use our extensive knowledge of school furniture, our purchasing power and our access to hundreds of manufacturers to negotiate the lowest prices and pass along the savings to you through our catalog, our website, and through the bid process.

ATD also helps you stretch your budget by providing FREE Space Planning and Design Services. From individual rooms to entire buildings, our design experts can create customized classrooms, libraries, auditoriums, computer and science labs and administrative areas.

While pricing is important, you need to be sure that the school furniture you buy will stand the test of time and remain a good value far into the future.  You can buy with complete peace of mind thanks to our LIFETIME GUARANTEE .

In addition to product selection and pricing, the ATD Value Proposition also includes ATD’s commitment to providing the highest quality service. Our dedicated staff of highly trained school specialists understands the unique needs of schools and has extensive experience outfitting educational facilities. You will always receive fast, professional service, no matter how big or small the order.

 If Value, Quality, Selection and Service are the foundation of the ATD Value Proposition, customer satisfaction is its heart. Our promise is simple. We stand behind our products. If anything goes wrong, we fix it. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

Click here to view our new 2014 Education Furniture Buying Guide.

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ATD Among the Top Office Furniture Dealers in Philadelphia

Slideshow Image 1

ATD-AMERICAN is proud to announce that in a survey conducted by the Philadelphia Business Journal, ATD is ranked 4th among office furniture dealers in the Philadelphia area.

The survey, published in the March 21, 2014, issue of Philadelphia Business Journal, ranks office furniture dealers based on the number of local employees.

In 1931, Irving Zaslow founded Jaffe’s Art Linens, a Philadelphia retail store that has grown into ATD-AMERICAN, a business still headquartered in the Philadelphia area and still owned and operated by the Zaslow family. Over our long history, ATD has grown into a manufacturer and distributor of thousands of items, including office chairs and furniture, school chairs and school furniture

Yvonne Zaslow

Yvonne Zaslow

“This is great news for ATD,” said Yvonne Zaslow, Executive Vice-president and co-owner of ATD-AMERICAN. “We were thrilled last year to be ranked among the top women-owned businesses in the Philadelphia, and we are equally thrilled this year to be ranked among the largest office furniture dealers in the area.”

“As we celebrate this new ranking, we are also looking to the future,” Ms. Zaslow added. “Growth is always a challenge, but our goal at ATD is to always keep moving forward. We are already looking ahead to next year and working toward achieving an even higher ranking on this list as well as earning top rankings on as many other lists as possible.”

Are You Ready for More Sunshine?

It’s been a long, hard winter for much of the country and everyone is probably ready for a little (or maybe a lot) more sunshine.

Daylight Saving Time begins for most of the United States on Sunday, March 9. It’s time to set your clocks ahead and “spring forward” one hour. It’s also a good time to take a few minutes for this “seasonal safety check”:

Smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms save lives…if they work. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) suggests not only changing the batteries, but also checking the age of your alarms and replacing older alarms. The CPSC suggests that consumers replace smoke alarms every ten years and carbon monoxide alarms every five years.

Since you’re changing batteries already, this is also a good time to check flashlights, radios and other battery-powered equipment in your home or car. With fresh batteries, you’ll be ready for any emergency.



Healthy Workplace Design…Does it Matter?

FC BG2014 A-141-lores

Did you know that health plays a major factor in determining the likelihood of an employee leaving a job?

According to a 2012 Perkins + Will study, 68 percent of employees who say they are in “excellent” health report that they are “not at all likely” to leave their job, compared to 45 percent in “poor health”.

As employers seek ways to increase productivity in the workplace, ergonomics and wellness are driving workplace design as a way to keep employees healthy, happy and – ultimately – productive.

Check out the article below for helpful tips on Healthy Workplace Design and its impact on productivity.

Healthy workplace design spurs productivity – The Business Journals

Explore, Discover and Get Inspired with ATD at NAIS!


Stop by ATD’s Booth #247 at the NAIS Annual Conference, February 26-28 in Orlando FL.

Explore with one of our experts and discover inspired solutions that inspire excellence in the classroom.

Dare to Explore and Discover

Classroom furniture is the building block of a quality learning environment. Well-designed and properly equipped classrooms are vital to creating an atmosphere that gets students excited about learning and inspires them to reach their full potential. 

Whether you’re replacing a few chairs or desks or outfitting an entire school, ATD is your source of quality and value. We have a large selection of school-related products, including many In Stock and Greenguard-certified items.

You can also save time by letting ATD do all the work – space planning through installation.

We’ll see you at the show!