Get Off Your Seat and On Your Feet!

Most people believe that sitting is relaxing. How many times have you heard “Sit down and take a load off your feet”? Or, “Sit back and relax”? But if you spend a lot of hours in your office chair, you know what sitting for long periods of time is anything but relaxing. In fact, it’s hard …hard on your back, hard on your neck and, by the end of a long day, hard on just about every part of your body.

Sitting for six to eight hours a day isn’t ideal, but standing all day can be hard on you as well, so what’s the answer?

Studies show that introducing movement into your daily work routine and alternating positions throughout your day to include both sitting and standing improves productivity and posture. It can also relieve back pain and improve energy levels.

Sit Less! Stand More! Be Up-Rite!

The Up-Rite Desk-Mounted Sit-to-Stand Workstation instantly transforms your desk into an ergonomic workspace, allowing you to sit or stand throughout the day. With Up-Rite, you’ll change more than just your position…you’ll change the way you work!



Celebrate “National Love Your Files Week”, September 15-19

An Ode to My File Cabinet

LadywithFilesI think that I shall never see
A file cabinet lovely as thee.

A cabinet that overflows
With this and that and heaven knows.

Back and forth I go all day
To find the files I need I pray.

Things that yesterday I swear
I saw in folders filed there.

Within your drawers so much is filed
But I guess it’s better than being piled.

A mess is made by fools like me
And organized by such as thee.

fondoffiles - Copy


ATD Tells Its Own Tale of the South Pacific

TakasI don’t know about you, but I know what I think of when I imagine a perfect day on some tropical island in the South Pacific.

Sun…sand…swaying palm trees, salty sea breezes. Ahhh…paradise!

Paradise for people, yes. For school furniture…well, that’s another story. Case in point: The Ministry of Education in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

MarshallIslandsMapFor the past nine years ATD has been a supplier of classroom furniture to the Ministry of Education in the Marshall Islands. This relationship started when ATD was called upon to provide a solution to a unique problem.

The problem…it’s the climate. Here’s a description from the website of the Embassy of the Republic of the Marshall Islands in Washington, D.C.

Hot and humid, with cooling trade winds and, in the southern atolls, frequent rain; average daily temperature is approximately 81 degrees Fahrenheit; wet season from May to November.

The primary schools of the Marshall Islands are not air conditioned and any metal, laminate or plastic classroom furniture quickly degrades in the saline, humid environment of the South Pacific. After receiving poor quality furniture from China that rapidly deteriorated, the Ministry of Education sought another solution for furnishing its classrooms.

ATD’s solution was to partner with factories in Georgia, Indiana and California to design and manufacture a line of custom-built line all-wood school furniture perfectly suited to endure the unique demands and conditions of the South Pacific.

This year, ATD is providing this all-wood classroom furniture to the new elementary school on Jaluit Atoll, one of the southern atolls in the Marshall Islands (and, yes, one of those atolls subject to frequent rain).

“We are proud that the Jaluit Atoll Elementary School is the 16th school that we have furnished in the Marshall Islands,” said Tim Voit, International Sales Manager of ATD-AMERICAN. “We hope the students and teachers enjoy their new school and their new classrooms. All of us at ATD want to say Kommol tata and thank you very much for letting us serve you. We look forward to a continued partnership with our friends in the Marshall Islands.”


Seven Tips for New Teachers

First Day of School - Copy

I don’t know who said this. Maybe it was a student, anticipating (or dreading) the first day of school.

Or, on second thought, maybe it was a brand new teacher.

If you’re a new teacher and you find yourself simultaneously anticipating and dreading your first day in the classroom, you’re probably not alone.

Most teachers find their first year a stressful time as they learn the skills and “tricks of the trade” that generations of teachers before them learned the hard way.

To make your first day in the classroom (and every day after that) a little easier, check out this article, “Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Seven Tips for New Elementary Teachers to Save Time, Energy and Tears” from













ATD Celebrates Work Like a Dog Day

Tuesday, August 5th, is Work Like a Dog Day, a day to honor those among us who dig in, pitch in and get the job done.

We’re not sure where the phrase “work like a dog” came from, but it may have something to do with real working dogs such as sheep dogs and sled dogs.

We can’t say how much demand there is these days for dogs who can herd sheep or mush through the snow, but that doesn’t stop some dogs from putting their cold, wet noses to the grindstone and pitching in at the office.

Here are a few examples of what happened when some of our friends at HON® brought their favorite 4-legged friends to work. Sure looks like a “ruff” day at the office to us.

rambo-flockHere’s Rambo chilling out on Flock® seating.

When people (and dogs!) flock together, good things happen, so Maslow decided to join Rambo and give Flock a try.maslow-flock






lollipop-purposeLollipop may not be allowed on the furniture at home, but in the office this Purpose™ chair seems to have Lollipop’s name written all over it…

…while Steve only has eyes for Voi™.steve-voi





Are you going to let these hard-working dogs put you to shame? If not, get into the spirit of Work Like a Dog Day and…well, work like a dog. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a treat and a nice belly rub.

10 Ways to Celebrate Simplify Your Life Week


“Our life is frittered away by detail…simplify, simplify.”
– Henry David Thoreau

Celebrate “Simplify-Your-Life Week,” August 1-7, with these 10 tips for simplifying your life at work and at home:

  1. Turn It Off – Reduce stress by establishing “technology-free” time each day.
  2. Erase-a-Date – Learn to politely decline those unnecessary commitments.
  3. It’s in the Bag – De-clutter purses and wallets and update emergency info.
  4. Save a Tree – Cancel subscriptions to unread magazines and newspapers.
  5. Use It or Lose It – Gather clothing and household items to donate to charity.
  6. Save Faces – Sort and label photos and memorabilia for scrapbooks.
  7. Deal or No Deal – Cut a deck of cards, or play board games in lieu of TV.
  8. Be Creative – Sing songs, play instruments, put on a play, or learn a dance.
  9. Family Act – Involve them at mealtime in cooking, serving, and clean-up.
  10. Make Memories – Watch a sunset, walk in a park, and read to a child!

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”
– Confucius

Simplify your life at the office! Click here for a selection of great Filing and Storage products that will help you get organized and conquer clutter.

What Happened in Vegas?

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Our guest blogger today is Annette Wilson, ATD’s Business Development Manager. Annette, along with her ATD colleagues Jessi Jacobs and Bob Roche, brought ATD’s Charter Power to the National Charter Schools Conference in Las Vegas.


20140630_171035 - Copy

Jessi Jacobs, Bob Roche and I recently returned from the 2014 National Charter School Conference which took place in Las Vegas NV.

Nearly 2.5 million kids are enrolled in charter schools in 42 states across the US, and this conference is the largest gathering of the national charter school movement

This year, more than 4,000 charter school teachers and administrators came together to learn and share ideas and discuss the growth, popularity and potential of charter schools.

 ATD-AMERICAN/Adirondack Direct has been selling school furniture to educational facilities across the United States and internationally for 80 years.  We have been involved through the progression of the charter school movement and support charter schools as a valuable choice in educating our youth. 

Our involvement has helped us understand the challenges faced by the educators, administrators and visionaries who are planning to open and have opened charter schools throughout the country.  Charter school leaders must plan for and cover a wide variety of costs – from facilities to teacher’s salaries to student support – most often with very limited resources. We realize that charter school team members are saddled with a myriad of responsibilities – many of which t take you into areas unfamiliar to you. Purchasing decisions made out of haste or strictly based on the upfront cost have been known to back-fire – wasting you precious time and money.

You don’t need to be experts in selecting and purchasing the school furniture that can contribute to better learning environments.  ATD is here to help!

 ATD-American offers our experience in guiding you through this process so you can make informed decisions that ensure you get the best value and the most successful outcome for the future of your charter school.   We know that charter schools often start out re-using facilities and furnishings that are not ideal.  Our experienced team is at your service to provide free space-planning, needs determination and budget planning.  ATD-American also provides lucrative financing options to enable charter schools to realize the vision for your school that you may have thought out of reach due to tight budget allocation.

We are ready to handle any aspect of planning and requests of any shape or size.  From fulfilling the needs of one classroom to helping you plan and finance a state-of-the-art educational complex!


CHARTER SCHOOLS PROVIDE THE “POWER OF CHOICE” in education – ATD AMERICAN brings “CHARTER POWER” to your learning environment.



Charter School CaricatureA special thanks to all of the great folks who visited our booth and got their caricature drawn by Kathy Rose of Caricature Cinema Corporation– the wonderfully talented artist that was with us during the show!  We look forward to working with your school!!





ATD’s Classroom All Stars…On Sale, In Stock and Ready to Ship!

20110712-4Cover your bases for the new school year with our All Star line-up of classroom best sellers.


Classroom All Stars

We have our most popular classroom chairs and student desks IN STOCK and ready to ship in ONE WEEK. All at special discounted prices that will make you feel like you’ve just hit one out the park.Be ready to take the field on the first day of school with the school furniture you need when you need it…NOW!




Celebrate Made in the USA Day and Put Your Pride on Display!

made-in-usaJuly 2nd is Made in the USA Day. This day was started by the Made in the USA Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting products manufactured in the USA, as well as products assembled in the USA.

ATD celebrates both Made in the USA Day and Independence Day this week. And just as tradition and pride play a part in how we and all Americans celebrate the birth of our nation, we honor the tradition and pride of American manufacturers and American workers who make every day “Made in the USA”  day.

ATD’s featured vendors this week are Ghent and Waddell,  two manufacturers  whose products are not only made in America, but also allow our customers to put their own traditions and pride on display.


Ghent Product Montage

Ghent has been helping people communicate, collaborate and learn since 1976 by manufacturing a variety of visual communication products such as whiteboards, tackboards, enclosed boards, easels and signage. Located in Lebanon, Ohio, Ghent is proud to manufacture products in the United States.

Click here to view ATD’s selection of Ghent Visual Communication products.



For more than a century, craftsmen have been carefully constructing Waddell Display Cases in the time-honored tradition of Waddell quality. Waddell craftsmen combine today’s technology and designs with yesterday’s personal commitment to constructing the finest USA-made cases available. Thousands of Waddell cases have been selected by schools, businesses and institutions to promote enduring pride and enthusiasm for their most valued accomplishments.

Click here to view ATD’s selection of Waddell Display Cases.

Beat the Heat with ATD’s “Chairs of Summer”!








It’s official! Summer 2014 begins on Saturday, June 21st, at 6:51 AM EDT. And after the winter we’ve had in many parts of the country, summer can’t come a minute too soon for most people.

If you were among those shivering through those long winter months, you may have started to believe that summer would never come and that you would never be warm again. Maybe you even promised that now matter how hot this summer gets, you would NEVER, EVER complain about the heat.

Chairs of SummerIf you never made that promise (or even if you did and start to re-think it as the days get warmer), we have just what you need when you start feeling a little heat in the days to come. 

Our “Chairs of Summer” collection of stylish mesh office chairs will keep you as comfortable as a cool breeze on a hot day.

These chairs will even take the heat off your budget with FREE SHIPPING everyday, all day this summer. Now that’s COOL!